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My Sheaffer “Triumph” Nib Collection (so far)

Published on 04/25/15

In the late 1940’s, Sheaffer offered sixteen custom nibs in the “Triumph” style. I’d love to have a complete collection of them some day, but I’m not sure it’s even possible.

My Sheaffer Triumph Nibs so far
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Homemade Rhodia-webnotebook-style notebook with Clairefontaine paper

Published on 03/10/15

I use notebooks for work and personal notes and sketches. I’ve given up on the dream of condensing it all down to a pocket notebook size that is always in my pocket with my phone, so I’ve been using larger-sized notebooks for several months and really liking it.

My perfect notebook would be A5 (or thereabout), have a dot grid, have page numbers, and have paper that is smooth to write on, doesn’t feather, and has no bleed through with heavy ink application (like super wet vintage flexies).

Handmade Notebook

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Sheaffer Sentinel Tuckaway Set

Published on 10/03/14

I picked up this set on eBay pretty cheaply, expecting to flip it for a profit. However, when I got the set and realized how good a shape the set was in, I decided to keep it and make it part of my collection.

These items are flawless. The only thing keeping it from being near mint condition is that the fountain pen was inked enough to have darkened the ink-view window a little. Otherwise, there is not a scratch anywhere on any of the three items.

Definitely lucked out, the photos in the eBay listing were pretty blurry.

Sheaffer Sentinel Tuckaway Set

1940’s Sheaffer Crest Vacuum Filler

Published on 05/25/14

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful pens there is; it’s one of my favorites. This is the second such set that I’ve owned, the first went to a good friend of mine in India as a gift, the second (this particular set) went up for sale on ebay.

sheaffer Crest vac filler

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Sheaffer Statesman Touchdown Tuckaway (later 1940’s)

Published on 05/15/14

The Tuckaway is always a great little pen. It’s perfect for… what else… tucking away in your pocket when you’re on the go. This set is in near perfect condition and comes in a great color.

Sheaffer Statesman Tuckaway

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Sheaffer Triumph Pen & Pencil Set (1940’s)

Published on 05/14/14

When it comes to my favorite nib, this is the pen that started it all. There is something just classic and beautiful about this pen that I find captivating. Definitely one of my favorites.

Sheaffer Triumph

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1934 Parker Vacumatic Junior

Published on 05/04/14

This is a pen that I sold awhile back that came in a lot of 5 Parker pens I picked up on ebay around Christmas time.

Vacumatics have kind of a special place in my thinking because it was one of the first two vintage pens that I found in the local antique shops. It’s one of the first vintage pens that came into my thinking at all because I heard Brad Dowdy talk about picking one up on his first trip to the Atlanta Pen Show. It is holds the title of the first vintage pen that I ruined (actually, I ruined the filler unit trying to get it out without the proper tools).

Parker Vacumatic Junior

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