My Sheaffer “Triumph” Nib Collection (so far)

Published on 04/25/15

In the late 1940’s, Sheaffer offered sixteen custom nibs in the “Triumph” style. I’d love to have a complete collection of them some day, but I’m not sure it’s even possible.

My Sheaffer Triumph Nibs so far

A recent acquisition, though, has brought my total collection to around five. There are a coupe caveats though. My flex nib is in a touchdown filler desk pen. My final collection will be all vac-fillers. Also, I’m not knowledgable enough yet to know exactly what I’ve got, especially when you get down to the fine/medium/extra fine area. Sheaffer offered shorthand and accountant’s nibs which are going to be very similar to fine and extra fine. It’s possible I own one of the other ones but don’t know it because I don’t know how to identify them yet. It’ll be difficult to figure it all out since none of them are marked (that would make it too easy, and not as much fun).