1934 Parker Vacumatic Junior

Published on 05/04/14

This is a pen that I sold awhile back that came in a lot of 5 Parker pens I picked up on ebay around Christmas time.

Vacumatics have kind of a special place in my thinking because it was one of the first two vintage pens that I found in the local antique shops. It’s one of the first vintage pens that came into my thinking at all because I heard Brad Dowdy talk about picking one up on his first trip to the Atlanta Pen Show. It is holds the title of the first vintage pen that I ruined (actually, I ruined the filler unit trying to get it out without the proper tools).

Parker Vacumatic Junior

This particular vac turned out to be pretty cool because it is an early one with a lock-down filler unit (a design decision that makes a great looking short blind cap but forces you to push ink back into the bottle when you are done filling it). It also had a nice surprise in that it had a nice semi-flex nib.

These pics were taken before I got my most recent light box so the dark “glow” of shadow around them is stronger than it is on more recent images I’ve done.

Parker Vacumatic Junior

Parker Vacumatic Junior

Parker Vacumatic Junior Writing Sample