1940’s Sheaffer Crest Vacuum Filler

Published on 05/25/14

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful pens there is; it’s one of my favorites. This is the second such set that I’ve owned, the first went to a good friend of mine in India as a gift, the second (this particular set) went up for sale on ebay.

sheaffer Crest vac filler

So, why do I like it? First off, it’s a Sheaffer vacuum filler. These pens hold a ton of ink, and they are super easy to clean (). When you find one that has good barrel transparency, it’s fun to watch the pen go opaque with ink on a single down-stroke. The second reason I love this pen is the gold-filled cap complements wonderfully the golden brown striated barrel. It just looks rich and classy.

I always love finding these pens in the wild. Invariably the caps are tarnished and look like they are in poor condition. But a little metal polish and elbow grease brings them back to their former glory. It really is stunning.

This particular model is a lady sized pen. It’s decently sized, with a nice girth so it doesn’t hurt to hold in your hands for extended periods of time. Sometime though, I will come across a full-size version of this pen and it will find a home in my collection for good.

Sheaffer Crest vac filler

sheaffer Crest vac filler

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